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  • You find yourself trapped in a void prison, where only the Milky Way’s worst threats are detained, although you are not without hope; the warden of the prison has created a gauntlet that leads to the light at the end of this seemingly endless tunnel.
  • Wrongly detained in a void prison, your only hope is The Warden’s Gauntlet, but if you expected an easy escape, the warden detained you in the wrong cell.


  • How difficult is the game? If you feel it’s too easy, please explain how it could be more difficult. If you feel it’s unbearably hard, please explain how it could be easier.
  • When you die in the game, does it feel like you died because you legitimately made a mistake or because of a technical flaw in the game? If you feel like you died because of a technical flaw, please explain.

Peer Feedback

  • Brev – The game is great with lots of replay value but the first guys go too fast for you to see and you have to have the reflexes of a god to dodge the bosses’ first attack.

One thought on “Refresh Feedback

  1. the game is good at first, only the game appears to crash on chrome-books at the end of the first dimension right before the first boss, it says something to do with ‘unity error memory full’ or something similar. Please fix. also after this happens when you reload the game the first void keeper wont go below 300 health.

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